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Odessa community fund has accumulated over $320,000 for victims and families
Donations range from big corporations to local mom and pop shops, and cheerleaders from a Dallas-area school to a donation all the way the UK.[read more]

Odessa explains ordinance proposed for polluted groundwater inside the city limits
Environmental consultants explained the polluted groundwater will not seep into water used by the city and its residents.[read more]

'Honor and Serve lunch' celebrates first responders
Diamondback Energy and the Odessa Chuck Wagon Gang hosted a lunch celebration for first responders.[read more]

Attorney for man charged with shooting Midland police officer says alarm system malfunctioned
David Wilson's defense team says a malfunctioning alarm led to him shooting and killing Midland Police Officer Nathan Heidelberg earlier this year.[read more]

Midland sex offender skips out on court before he's sentenced
A Midland man convicted of sexually abusing a child Wednesday night is now on the run, according to the Midland County District Attorney.[read more]

ONLY ON CBS7: Brawl between Taco Villa employees and customers caught on camera
A fight broke out between employees and customers at a Taco Villa in Midland on Wednesday night.[read more]

Odessa man named as one of two victims in Andrews County crash
Two people were killed in a crash west of Andrews on Tuesday night.[read more]

2 dead as Imelda strands drivers, floods homes in Texas
Officials in Harris County, which includes Houston, said there had been a combination of at least 1,000 high-water rescues and evacuations to get people to shelter.[read more]

Alpine Fire Chief Mark Scudder passes away
Alpine Fire Chief Mark Scudder passed away at the age of 59 on Thursday.[read more]

New Mexico’s governor announces free college plan
The governor wants to provide free college for every New Mexican who graduates high school and any adult who returns to school at a community college.[read more]